Video: DDP says he’d like to ‘b*tch slap’ Paige photo leaker

TMZ recently caught up with 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee Diamond Dallas Page, and the former WCW Champ had a few words for the person that decided to leak WWE Superstar Paige’s private photos and videos out to the internet:



“I’d like to b-tch slap him in front of everybody,” Page admitted with a laugh. “I just want it to go away because she’s a good lady. She’s amazing.”

Page also believes women’s wrestling is at a great high point right now, and doesn’t think this act will affect that at all:

“Charlotte Flair, I mean, if that ain’t her daddy’s daughter, she’s unbelievable,” Page said. “I love all the girls, Sasha, Becky and Paige. I was really bummed out when [Paige] hurt her neck like that, so hopefully she’ll be back… it is what it is.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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