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DDP talks about WWE blacklisting talent for working with AEW

There were rumors that suggested wrestlers working with AEW would be blacklisted by WWE. Wrestling legend DDP quelched those rumors.

The WWE Hall Of Famer wrestled on AEW Dynamite last week. He took to Twitter and revealed that WWE did not blacklist any performer for working in AEW. He merely wanted to help Cody Rhodes, but he will be there for WWE when needed.

There is some belief that those who work with #AEW are blacklisted by #WWE, but that isn’t the case. I wanna be able to help Cody with whatever he needs but if WWE needs something from me, then I’m always there for them. #DDP #BleachReport

That is certainly good news for talents who might want to join WWE in the future. We will have to see if DDP does appear in WWE again in the future.

  • CC

    But that has nothing to do with being blacklisted, that is just WWE suggesting that they would be better off with them rather than going to the company with all the hype.
    And how are Jericho, Cody and Moxley blacklisted? WWE would have all of them back in a heartbeat. Vince is a petty man, but he does not hold grudges if he knows money can be made, and getting any of those back into the fold would be money makers.
    Anyway, this is not really about anyone who is signed to AEW, this is about freelancers who appear at AEW without a contract. People like DDP and Bret Hart for instance.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    It may have started after the Santana and Ortiz interview where they said WWE warned them they needed to “think very carefully” before turning them down and signing with AEW. The only people who are blacklisted as of now are Jericho, Cody and maybe Moxley. But like cards, all things are subject to change.

  • CC

    Never heard this rumour before, especially since Billy Gunn even made an appearance at the HoF after signing with AEW.