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DDP Thinks He Should Go In WWE Hall of Fame, Addresses Scott Hall’s Problems

Speaking to, Diamond Dallas Page addressed his yoga program, assisting Chris Jericho’s comeback from injury, WrestleMania and more. Highlights are as follows:

Not being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: “I think eventually it’s got to happen. Nobody did what I did. Nobody was as over in the 90’s. I was in the top five guys according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Nobody came from being a manager to being a color commentator. I think I earned that spot and eventually, I think I’ll get it. I hope it’s not 30 years from now, but until Randy Savage is in there, until Jake Roberts, until Rick Rude, I’m not in yet. I would think Randy’s going to be in next year. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t. But it would be the greatest bill ever to be inducted because it’s in Jersey. It is what it is and when it happens it happens.”

Scott Hall’s life problems: “I love Scott. He’s one of my very good friends…Today, we talk once in a blue moon, but the last time he called me, he was just looking for some positive energy. I gave him a lot, I gave him everything I could and I asked him to come and stay with me. I just couldn’t get him to call me back after that. He’s a good guy. He’s just a lost soul right now.”

The interview is available here.

  • Gorilla

    Ok then go ddp go hoorayy for page he’s the best

  • Andrew

    I think DDP should be in the HOF eventually. He was one of the most popular wrestlers in the mid to late 90s and was one of the main reasons I watched WCW. He was one of the few in that company that actually busted his ass to entertain the crowd, unlike all the other old fucks that were there collecting huge salaries and phoning it in every night.

  • D2K

    I wouldn’t put it past WWE to induct Snooki into the “Celebrity Wing” of the WWE HOF next year. Just because it would be beyond absurd.

  • adam

    @jayhawk. Which is why they might. I mean they have done other things like that just because it drew.

  • JayHawk

    DDP you are behind savage sting rude hell even way way behind taker it will be a long time before you. But if the wwe thinks it will draw for Jersey they would.

  • SYM

    DDP should come out to Kevin Nash’s WrestleMania X8 Video Game theme for Gameboy Advance, if Inducted.

  • D2K

    @Stevie: Well, Beekcake did have a great career including a tag-team title run with Greg Valentine. I think he deserves to go in there. It wasn’t until the late 80s where his ‘friendship’ with Hogan got him in the main event scene in terms of the whole Hogan/Beefcake/Liz/Macho/Zeus/Sherri storyline.

  • barry horowitz

    i got love for DDP from 97 up until 2000 ddp was second only to austin in wcw he was hella over and in my eyes at the time better than sting as far as being top face his feud with savage was one of the best of the 90s his feud with raven was excellent same as his feud with benoit ddp was a late 90s icon no denying

  • SheepDog

    DDP is the TRUE peoples champ!! deserves a spot if many ‘number makers’ have gone in before him!

    DDP going into HOF is not a bad thing…its a GOOOOOD thing!

    #barrr sheeep barrrr…

  • voice of reason

    also i liked the movie ready to rumble it may not be shakespeare but it’s just a ton of fun to watch.

  • Nicholas

    DDP will be in the Hall of Fame. He was a big part of the Monday night war. He was WCW people champion because everytime he won a match he would join the people. This guy had an amazing career.

  • whocares

    I don’t want t sound mean. But if koko B. Ware is in the HoF, I rally ant think of many people who deserve yo br in less. I’d sooner pick Barry Horrowitz, Abe knuckleball Schwartz, the warlord, Marty jannetty, Damien demento. OK. Maybe not damieh demento.

  • voice of reason

    personally i think that such wrestlers as ddp, scott hall & so fourth should be in the hof not for their runs in the wwf – wwe but for their contributions to the sport of wrestling, now yes i am a wcw fan and i was severely saddened to see the demise of ecw & wcw.

  • Sammo

    Whether DDP deserves to be in the Hall of Fame or not – there’s certainly no class in speaking out on your own behalf.

    Shameful display, Page.

  • Dan

    Gorilla you obviously haven’t heard the HUGE pop DDP got when he debuted in WWE, JR had to try so hard to get it over that he was a “bad guy” not just a heel but to no avail.

  • Dog316

    DDP Should be there eventually, as he said not before Macho Man for example.
    And about this Gorilla guy.
    If you think that Gorilla expresses his sexual frustration about not being able to come out of the closet thru internet, give me a hell yeah!

  • adam

    I think DDP should get in. He was always one of my favorite wcw stars and i was excited when he went to WWE but then he got that stupid gimmik on him and the rest is history…and that is a bad thing. For everyone saying he wasnt a good wrestler he was actually pretty damn good i mean the variations he did of the diamond cutter were insane. And he was super over. There is a big list of people who should go in ahead of him like owen rude warrior the rock stone cold if he isnt already triple h….I would even put heyman in for what he did with ecw. But eventually i think page will get in maybe they will do it next year and put page and warrior in the same year. But if there doing inductions because wcw succes they should put sting in once he is done with TNA.

  • Stone Cold 619


  • Devil_Rising

    Gorilla is am moron.

    In an Era when WCW was THE highest rated and (at the time) more popular wrestling show, at the HEIGHT of wrestling’s popularity in the 90s, DDP was one of the TOP STARS in the TOP Company (for almost 2 years).

    He was a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, the original “People’s Champion”, and a great worker besides. He was very popular, and is remembered to this day. So YEAH, he does eventually belong in the HOF.

  • Stevie P

    @D2K, I agree with all those guys except probably Beefcake. He really was only who he was because he is Hogan’s BFF.

    As far as DDP is concerned, I can go both ways. During the prime of WCW’s reign as king of the Monday Night Wars he was nothing more than nWo’s whipping boy. Every night he’d run in and every night he’d get beat up. In AWA, all he really did was manage. He was Bischoff’s boy and he DID get high up because of his standing with him though. He really wasn’t in the Main Event status until the very late 90’s and even then people were just done with WCW. He did have charisma though and from what I can tell, he was really good to the guys in the locker room. I think he was alright, just not the best.

  • D2K

    I’m not sure DDP should go in, but he probably will wind up in there before Savage, Jake, Owen, Bossman, Rude, Beefcake, etc. Just because WWE gets off on NOT putting people in there that the fans want and come up with the most obscure HOF selections they can without it being totally ridiculous.

    They have to keep it somewhat realistic in order to sucker people into buying tickets for that show and using it as a part of a package deal to promote Wrestlemania as a weekend extravaganza and not just another PPV. The people they induct are either people who shouldn’t be going in at this time, or people whom shouldn’t be going in period with one huge name that everyone agrees with that takes their minds off of people whom didn’t get inducted but should. The whole thing is a ruse.

  • Gorilla

    Another Jimmy King quote “You pair a sack of dumb shits, go get my freakin beer you freakin morons”

  • Gorilla

    I bet if ddp was near you bitch billy you’d offer to suck his diamond lol and Mitchell you got dayum right im insane you bitch ass nigga….ddp sucks he just an awfull wrestler

  • DDP has more talent in his pinky then cena does is his whole body.

  • Billy Zane

    Did I say he wasn’t in it? I’m just pointing out that only you would quote an absolute terrible movie. & back to the point, DDP did way more than WCW. Ever watch AWA? Ever hear of the Diamond Exchange? The Diamond Dolls? Fucking iconic, retard. Quit trolling & find something to do.

  • b c Mitchell

    I take that back and apologize to any retarded monkeys out there. Gorilla is clearly insane

  • b c Mitchell

    ^^^Exactly what I was thinking. If I were a retarded monkey. But seriously if Koko B Ware is in why not DDP? I’d vote yes if I had a vote

  • Gorilla


  • Billy Zane

    Not that you had any credibility to begin with Gorilla, but the fact that you just quoted Ready to Rumble…wow. I’ll say it again..


  • Gorilla


  • Gorilla

    Oh i see you all are W-C-W fans Sum Ted Turner Rassslin ok ok ….stupid fucks …as the rock would say you can wipe a monkey’s ass with what you think…and and let’s do a hall segment…”who came here to see wcw””fans booooooo””or or who came see the””fans shout N-W-O”…survey says not ddp or wcw lmfao ….bitch ass wcw

  • Rucdogg

    Stevie P, very clever and funny

  • Stevie P

    I don’t know about DDP getting into the HoF, but his rib tape should.

  • Crocop

    He was still over at ‘Mania 18 with Christian. Even with the silly gimmick they stuck him with. Looking back, compared to today, he was crazy over.

  • poko

    I vote Gorilla for the Scott Steiner “Internet Rage” HOF.

    Also, guys who only know the WWE crack me up. DDP was way over in the WCW. Fans loved him, and he worked as hard as anyone. He’s right, there are guys who deserve it before him, but he should be in there eventually, considering the totality of his career.

  • Billy Zane

    @ Gorilla


  • Gorilla

    Give me a fucking break “nobody did what i did nobody was as over” lmfao…ok the way bischoff is promoting his son today is how bischoff promoted ddp in 90’s ….ddp your an idiot you aint top 20 wwe didn’t put you in best stars of 90’s or the top 50 even you stupid fuck….lmfao…damn your stupid….n your wwe run sucked and they gave you taker to work with…you suck and that’s not bad thing that’s a good thing..oh and your alot further down line to be inducted to HOF