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Dean Ambrose and Nia Jax to face off at upcoming WWE Live Event

WWE has been trying to change things in order to improve their ratings, and this includes them slowly edging towards TV-14. To add to that, WWE is also trying to test the waters regarding intergender matches, which they started when Nia Jax took part in the Men’s Royal Rumble this year.

Now at upcoming WWE Live Event in Jonesboro on Friday, February 22nd, an intergender match between Dean Ambrose and Nia Jax is being advertised for the event. This match was teased a couple of weeks ago on RAW and now it has been made official.

As attendance for Live Events is slowly decreasing, perhaps this match will bring in more fans. This is certainly an interesting match and we will have to wait and see how it goes.

  • CC

    But then you end up with a top line female talent like Alexa no longer able to hold the top title because you have abolished the womens title, so that makes no sense at all. And we have all seen how low tier the cruiserweight title is, and that is what she would be relegated to.

    And to be honest, not one single woman (including Rousey) could seriously be put up against the likes of Lesnar and Strowman. Hell, I could not even see them being able to be taken seriously against anyone of that size, even the likes of Reigns.
    I can accept smaller guys like Styles and Bryan etc because they still have more muscle and strength, but having someone the size of Lesnar, Reigns, Strowman, Big Show or even HHH lose to any female would just make them look weak.
    Losing to a woman killed Marc Mero stone dead.

  • Matthew Carter

    Believable women on the current WWE & NXT roster are Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Charlotte Flair, Ember Moon, Lacey Evans, Asuka (if she can be allowed to stick to her martial arts background, then it’s believable), Natalya (have her lose weight and regain it in muscle weight), Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley, and maybe Bianca Belair, heck, even Lita and Beth Phoenix. Now for women outside of WWE roster, they can bring in that could take on big guys, Su Yung (she handed Sami Callihan his rear, and he’s not a small guy), Rosemary, Jessicka Havok, Tessa Blanchard, Awesome Kong (aka Kharma), Jazz (from ECW when it was still ECW), Diamante (she’s pretty solid built), ODB, Jacqueline Moore, and Kimber Lee (aka Princess KimberLee, the only female to hold the Chikara Grand Championship, her title reign was 177 days, defended it 5 times). Now I’m not calling for Alexa Bliss to take on someone like Lesnar or Strowman, no, not at all, not unless it was in an extreme rules match, and even then it’s still to risky for her.

  • Matthew Carter

    That is if SmackDown is even on Fox long enough to talk about- Fox has already threatened to cancel SmackDown if the ratings don’t improve. Now I’m going to give SmackDown Live the benefit of a doubt, but I’m doing it cautiously, and I’m being cautious about it because the SmackDowns on January 29th and February 5th were almost as bad as that dumpster fire we watch on Monday nights known as Raw, and also because Fox sees how bad Raw, WWE’s flagship show is, does anyone really think Fox will want to continue their business relationship with a company who’s flagship show is a complete and total dumpster fire, and who is ran by a 73 going on 74 senile old coot who is out of touch, product wise & where the industry is & needs to be and won’t put down the pen & hand a majority of the reigns over to Triple H? I don’t. Then again, I could be wrong and might be too harsh on WWE, but when the product has been bad since the start of the TV-PG Era, and NXT has been the only consistently good program on it, and SmackDown when from being so-so to good to hit and miss to a dumpster fire, you gotta wonder.

  • CC

    The problem you have is this. When you push someone like Brock Lesnar as a total monster who even guys like Roman Reigns have trouble beating, and then guys like Balor, Styles and Bryan get people saying “he is too small to be a believable opponent”, how realistic is it to have someone like Alexa Bliss take on Lesnar or Strowman, for instance.
    Yes some of the women are more believable (Jax and Rousey maybe), but beyond maybe a handful of other women, most of the females on the roster would look so ridiculous going up against the big guys that it would more than likely drive fans away.

  • Matthew Carter

    I see your logic, and we can have gender specific titles for the short tern, then down the road merge the gender specific titles. My thing is this, and hopefully you’ll understand my logic- WWE’s been doing this women’s revolution for a few years now, which has been long overdue ever since Chyna, Lita and Trish left, and I don’t know about other folks, but I think WWE sometime down the line should go all in with the Womens Revolution. They are already having two women main event or co-main event WrestleMania. There’s still alot left for the women to do- first ever womens punjabi prison match, women’s four corners match, women’s bullrope match, and that’s only a few examples.

  • Matthew Carter

    TNA tried it way back when LAX was first around and they had Hernandez vs Gail Kim. The fans weren’t to thrilled because it was Gail Kim, who they like, and she wasn’t the right woman for that match- had it been someone like Awesome Kong, ODB or Jacqueline Moore, all three of them who were on the active roster at that time, the fans would have been alright with it.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    When Smackdown moves to Fox I expect they will go TV-14. But I believe Raw will still be PG. They basically going to be completing against each other.

  • Eighth Sin

    Nah theyre hoping Nia will injure him like she has everyone else.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    They really need to bury anyone who doesn’t wanna resign huh? Wonder if it will make people think twice before signing with such a promotion. At what point do talents just say eff you and refuse to part take in these ritual burials for anyone who simply doesn’t want to do business with you anymore?

  • Brad Grillakis

    Sounds like they trying a “Lucha Underground” approach with men vs woman. I know NJPW did this before, not sure of TNA or other promotion though.

  • CC

    Why can’t women be WWE and Universal champion? Simple, because that would essentially mean all championships are open to any gender except the womens championships, and that would not be equality. To have three championships exclusive to women, and none exclusive to men is not equal. Remember, a woman has held the IC title, so that in essence means that and probably the US championship are not gender specific (same as the old hardcore title), so you either have a top male title and a top female title, or you have neither.

  • Matthew Carter

    I’m all for it- if other promotions can do intergender matches and put their world title on women, WWE can do the same, and plus if the men can be the WWE Champion and even Universal Champion, why can’t the women.

  • jedi

    Attendance is down so they think this will help? No thank you….