Dean Ambrose to return sooner than expected?

We noted before how the former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose suffered a shoulder injury recently and he underwent a surgery earlier this week to repair the damage.



At first, it was speculated that Ambrose would stay out of action for around 6 months which would have meant that he would miss WrestleMania but it appears it may not be the case.

Ambrose reportedly underwent the surgery to repair a high-grade triceps tendon injury at Tuesday but he was spotted in Nevada yesterday which means he has been released from the hospital.

Regarding his return, Pwinsider is reporting that Dean could miss only 2-3 months of action which means that he could possibly be back in the time for WrestleMania next year.

Though it’s still possible that WWE will try to hide his original status to give a surprising factor to his return. We’ll keep you posted if any more details regarding his recovery come to life.

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