Del Rio Dismisses JBL Comparisons, Explains Why His Finisher Doesn’t Have A Name

During an interview with WWE Magazine, Alberto Del Rio dismissed comparisons to former WWE Champion John “Bradshaw” Layfield, feeling they’re unfair.



“JBL was one person, and I’m a different person. He was American, and I’m Mexican. And our styles are totally different. Sure some things are alike…the money, the big entrance, our classic manliness, our hatred of Rey Mysterio. But to say we are the same is lazy, which is why so many of you Americans are making the comparison, I think. All rich people aren’t the same!”

WWE aired vignettes hyping Del Rio for two months before he made his live debut. He strongly feels that a week or two of hype would not have been sufficient for his character.

“A guy like me needs 100 weeks of promos,” he said. “Eight weeks was enough to let people get a feel for who I am, but I could have talked about myself for another 92 weeks. I’m not a new guy, I’m not a rookie. I’m a third-generation wrestler. And I’m a guy with experience. The long promo time made it so that people were aching to see Alberto Del Rio. And when they finally did, they said, “Oh, he’s not just some rich guy—he’s someone who can really, really wrestle.” Because I am, and I can.”

He also explained why his finishing maneuver, the armbar, doesn’t have a distinguished name.

“That is because there is no name worthy of how amazing it is,” Del Rio responded. “The commentators call it the cross-arm breaker, but it’s so much more than that. If a fan came up with a really good name, I might pay them for it. Perhaps I’ll have a contest. That’s how my father’s name, Dos Caras, came about in Mexico. It was in a magazine, and a fan designed the mask and came up with the name.

“I certainly have the money to spare. Americans are always coming to Mexicans with work opportunities, so it’s the least I can do.”

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