Del Rio Involved In Backstage Brawl at Indie Event

According to a report from Luchablog, Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and girlfriend Paige were in attendance at an Arena Naucalpan event in Mexico this past weekend, most likely to watch his brother wrestle in the main event.



Backstage at the event local lucha star Alan Xtreme (Rafy of Ninja Turtles) brushed past Del Rio, and while it isn’t exactly clear what actually happened, it is said that Alan touched either Del Rio or Paige, setting Del Rio off as the two engaged in a brawl. The fight broke out into a hallway, which connected to a locker room near a fan entrance.

Plenty of fans witnessed the incident and stated that Alan’s face was badly scratched up after the altercation, but no word yet on Del Rio’s condition. Del Rio and Paige were, however, seen drinking before the event together.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more……

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