Democrat Senator Leaks Biden Drop Out Date?

Speculation is increasing regarding Joe Biden’s political future as former Democratic figures hint at unexpected developments this weekend.



While speaking in a recent interview, Senator Joe Manchin (I-WV) suggested that clarity about Biden’s intentions in the upcoming election might soon emerge. When asked by NBC’s Ryan Nobles about Biden’s capability to continue his campaign and serve another term, Manchin responded evasively, urging the public to “wait until this weekend” for a more definite perspective.

Manchin’s response has sparked speculation on social media, with users wondering, “What’s happening this weekend?”

Reports indicate that top Democrats want Biden to step down by the end of the week. Axios reported that a growing number of Democrats are plotting an intervention as Biden refuses to quit the presidential race. They want influential figures, including the Obamas and congressional leaders, to persuade Biden to drop out by Friday. This push is motivated by the desire to have Biden endorse Harris as his successor and avoid a contentious battle at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

A House Democrat told Axios that the situation will escalate when Congress returns, with some members reportedly close to speaking out publicly or signing letters urging Biden to step down. Conversations about this issue are expected to intensify this week. A top Democratic operative noted that Biden himself seems oblivious to the precariousness of his political position.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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