Democrats Nominating President Early After…

It has been noted via Bloomberg that the Democratic National Committee is considering formally nominating President Biden as early as mid-July. It has come to light that a potential date for Biden’s nomination is July 21, which is when the Democratic National Convention’s credentials committee meets virtually.



As has been reported for weeks, Democratic Party officials decided that the formal roll call would not take place at their convention, which kicks off on August 19th in Chicago.

The reason is that the Democrats’ convention comes following Ohio’s ballot deadline of August 7th. Party officials, in a maneuver to allow Biden to appear on the Ohio ballot, said they would hold the roll call ahead of Ohio’s ballot deadline.

However, the latest development on a potential July 21 roll call date also comes in the wake of last Thursday’s disastrous debate performance by the president in his first face-to-face showdown with former President Trump.

The 81-year-old president’s halting delivery and stumbling answers at the recent debate ignited widespread panic in the Democratic Party and spurred calls from political pundits, editorial writers, and some party politicians and donors, for Biden to step aside as the party’s standard-bearer.  Word of the potential July 21 roll wall was first reported by Bloomberg News.

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