Deontay Wilder Attack Leading To Seizure Revealed

Deontay Wilder recently talked about his mental preparation before facing the two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.



Deontay Wilder opens up on the dangers of getting hit

During a recent interview, he discussed the dangers of getting hit and how it can impact a fight and end the match, which is why a killer mindset is needed when stepping into to the ring:

“Either kill or be killed. You have to have that mindset going in because one little jab can damage you. Two jabs and the right hand can get you out of there. A right hand with me can, you know- I’ve put people in seizures and broke certain things.”

Wilder went on to add how he can slip into that mindset so easily:

“The business of boxing is nothing to be played with. I’m a born warrior, I’m a born king, a born leader so it’s not hard for me to get in that mentality of a warrior mindset. Either you have it or you don’t.”

During his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury, he bulked up to 238lbs of muscle. But he recently flaunted his shredded physique. Wilder has not fought since being defeated by Tyson Fury in their trilogy battle last year, but has confirmed he is planning to make a comeback to the ring. Despite being open to a potential return, Wilder has been spotted this week making a return to the gym. It is also quite interesting that the ‘Bronze Bomber’ has been working alongside former world champion Badou Jack, and is also using the UFC Gym as a training facility according to UFC president Dana White

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