Deontay Wilder Drops OJ Simpson Bombshell

Deontay Wilder is certainly one of the best boxers in the world right now. His boxing match against Tyson Fury back in July was nixed after he tested positive for COVID-19.



Deontay Wilder still believes that Tyson Fury used rigged gloves to cheat during their 2020 rematch. The former WBC world champion even claimed that Fury’s alleged tactics were similar to O.J. Simpson’s infamous murder trial.

Deontay Wilder recently spoke on The Last Stand with Brian Custer, where he talked about his theory that Fury cheated during their most recent encounter.

“Your eyes don’t lie to you. When you see certain images, videos; when you see things bending, folding, go at a 90-degree angle, that’s real. It’s just like with OJ [Simpson], the gloves didn’t fit – but we know what the (reality) was.”

Deontay Wilder previously spoke on the “The PBC Podcast,” where he made it clear that he isn’t convinced Tyson Fury withdrew from their third boxing match due to COVID-19.

“I can’t control what they’re doing on their side,” Wilder told co-hosts Kenneth Bouhairie and Michael Rosenthal for an episode that recently dropped on “I can’t control whether this is a lie or it’s the truth. You know what I’m saying? Because I don’t believe none of it, nothing that they’ve done. Anybody that’s been trying to run since July, anybody that’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to not fight, you can’t believe that person. You know? They trying to run away from it – I’m running to it. When it’s like that, you can’t believe nothing. You know, and honestly, I don’t believe he had no COVID. You know, look at his actions. Look at what he’s done. Been at different places and stuff like that. He definitely don’t act like it.

My only thing that upset me is that it’s so many people out here, even family members, that actually that had COVID and actually f—— that passed away from this sh!t,” Wilder said. “And for somebody to play around with it, I don’t take it light. That’s no fun and games in that. You know, anybody that had a loved one that had it and had someone pass away from it, they don’t take that lightly, for somebody to play around with this, and stuff like that. Because I truly don’t believe he had it. And a lot of other people don’t believe it as well.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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