Deontay Wilder Leaks ‘Humiliating’ Girlfriend Video

Deontay took to Instagram to showcase his girlfriend in an ice box which is typically used for muscle aches for many athletes. Deontay’s girlfriend was freezing and looked in a hurry to get out as soon as possible. Tyson Fury Announces Major Firing News.



Deontay captioned: “Back On The Grind In camp once again for Oct 9, where I will become 2x Heavyweight Champion Of The World. @telliswift decided she wanted to take the ice box challenge and this what happened.”

Frank Warren, co-promoter for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury – who has postponed his fight with Wilder due to Covid, believes that it’s going to be difficult to stage a unification with Anthony Joshua in a large UK venue. The earliest the fight can take place would be in the first half of 2022.

Sadly, with rising COVID cases across the globe, including the UK, with the new variant of the virus, not all may be easy going from here…

Warren stated: “No one can predict what will happen with COVID You think about what has happened in the last few days, we’ve had a situation where the numbers are rising. We are moving to winter, unless we go to Cardiff and put the roof on, there is no other stadium you can put a fight on in winter. They are anticipating COVID is going to be strong this winter, they are saying.

He continued: “It keeps changing and evolving, half of Australia has just shut down. Israel, who everyone was looking at and saying ‘look how well they are doing’, they’ve had massive cases there again. It’s happening everywhere. At the end of the day, what has to happen is we’ve got to go with the flow and take advantage of what is around when the two guys fight. I hope by the time the guys fight the COVID thing has been beaten and we are in a much safer place and we can look at what our options are.” Special thanks to Boxingscene.

Dustin Schumacher
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