Derrick Lewis Huge UFC 265 Paycheck Leaks

When your name is as big as Derrick Lewis’, you know that you are in for a shockingly great paycheck. What’s even better is when you are the caliber of fighter that Derrick Lewis is. While Derrick did in fact make a killing at UFC 265, you can also see how taxes got the best of him. When you have this much money, however, taxes should really be the least of your problems as you can just about afford whatever you wish. UFC Fighter ‘Beat Up’ By High School Teen.



According to Reddit, Cyril Gane just said in an interview to french tv station bfmtv: “I got $350k, minus 30% taxes which leave you with $240k, around € 200k, and your team take 20%, I got about € 160k in total.”

That is truly a huge amount of money. Cyril was then asked about the size of the paycheck that Derrick Lewis was given to which Cyril stated that Derrick Lewis made $700k for going round for round. Surely, neither star has any bad blood towards one another has money makes it all worth it.

Jake Paul is still on his mission to claim that UFC stars still make too little, but it’s hard to agree when you see figures such as those stated above.

Dustin Schumacher
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