Derrick Lewis Uses WWE Move To Attack Man

Derrick Lewis, who shares the record for most knockouts in UFC history recently revealed that he used a popular move of WWE that was made famous by none other than WWE icon, The Undertaker. The UFC star revealed that he used ‘Tombstone’ variant of the ‘Piledriver’ which was widely used by ‘The Phenom’. He revealed on Tuesday that he was forced to take the law into his own hands – literally – to stop a man from breaking into his truck.



Derrick Lewis attacked the thief

The UFC heavyweight contender shared a video on his Instagram account of Houston police placing a man under arrest with his head wrapped in bandaging. He then panned to his truck, which had damage from an apparent forced entry attempt that was thwarted by Lewis. Justin Gathje Threatens To ‘Murder’ UFC Star?

He said at a UFC 265 Press Conference about beating down a car thief:

“This motherf***er trying to break into my shit..He tried to run, I said ‘oh hell nah, bring your a** here.’ I grabbed him by his leg, picked him upside down and jumped up in the air and tombstoned him, right on his head.”

It is expected that he would challenge Francis Ngannou for the UFC title in his next fight. It would be a rematch of Lewis’ unanimous decision win at UFC 226 in July 2018.

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