DeSantis Humiliates Vivek After Trump Betrayal

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed satisfaction after former President Donald Trump attacked GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for the first time, just days before the Iowa Caucus. Ramaswamy, despite positioning himself as a Trump supporter in the Republican nomination race, faced criticism from Trump, who accused him of using “deceitful campaign tricks” on Truth Social.



DeSantis, appearing alongside Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Chip Roy (R-TX) in Iowa, seemed to momentarily forget Ramaswamy’s name while discussing Trump’s attack. After struggling to recall the name, DeSantis eventually remembered and commented that Trump had “threw him under the bus.”

DeSantis then mocked Ramaswamy, claiming he had never seen a candidate run for president while actively campaigning for another candidate to win. He suggested that Ramaswamy’s support was dropped as soon as he became less useful, characterizing it as a common political maneuver.

Expressing concern about the potential negative impact of focusing on legal issues, criminal trials, and convictions related to Trump’s presidency, DeSantis urged the party to move forward by addressing people’s issues and focusing on a positive agenda for America. He cautioned against a focus on such matters, as it could give Democrats a significant advantage in the 2024 election.

The incident underscores the ongoing influence of Trump within the GOP and the complex dynamics of the party as candidates navigate their relationships with the former president.

“Vivek started his campaign as a great supporter, ‘the best President in generations,’ etc. Unfortunately, now all he does is disguise his support in the form of deceitful campaign tricks.

You know I noticed that they, that they threw, um, um, um,” DeSantis told the press as he struggled to recall Vivek’s name until Massie reminded him. “Vivek! Yeah. Yeah. Threw him under the bus.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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