DeSantis Melts Down At Fox Hosts For Backing Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently launched more attacks on former President Donald Trump on Thursday when he accusing the GOP frontrunner of flip-flopping on abortion. DeSantis also slammed “Fox News people” and conservative media in general for not holding Trump accountable on key issues out of fear of retribution via Mediaite.



“Now Donald Trump has said that heartbeat protection bills are a, quote, ‘terrible, terrible thing.’ And so he’s attacked legislation protections that Kim Reynolds has enacted in Iowa that we’ve enacted in Florida,” DeSantis told a crowd while campaigning in the Hawkeye State.

“And first of all, I just fundamentally disagree with his position. That is not a pro-life position, and I disagree with it. But what makes it doubly problematic for me is he stood at the March for Life in January of 2020 and gave a speech and he said, now, look, he’s reading the teleprompter. Maybe he didn’t mean it, but he read these words where he said that ‘every life is a gift from God, that the unborn is made in the image of God, and that a humane society would provide protections for those life,’” DeSantis continued, adding:

“So how do you go from giving that speech at the March for Life to now saying that it’s a terrible, terrible thing to provide even modest pro-life protections? Was he not being honest then? Has he flipped his position because he’s worried about finger in the wind? That’s a pretty fundamental issue to just flip on in a matter of a few years.”

“So I think if you’re somebody that that believes in the sanctity of life, Donald Trump has just disqualified him from your, has disqualified himself from your consideration,” DeSantis added after further attacking Trump’s stance on the issue.

“I mean, that’s just the reality. And we got to hold him accountable. Like, you know, this idea that like all these conservative radio guys and Fox News people like, you know, they will like never criticize because they’re so concerned that someone may yell at them. Look, anyone running for office answers to you, you have every right to hold these people accountable and you should hold him accountable when he’s taking those positions that are not consistent with the values here in northwest Iowa,” he concluded.

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