DeSantis Rumored To End Campaign Against Trump After…

Donald Trump has posted a rumor that Ron DeSantis is ending his Presidential campaign after deciding to challenge Rick Scott for his Florida Senate seat.



Trump posted on Truth Social, “Rumors are strong in political circles that Ron DeSanctimonious, whose Presidential run is a shambles, and whose poll numbers have absolutely crashed, putting him 3rd and 4th in some states, will be dropping out of the Presidential race in order to run, in Florida, against Rick Scott for Senate. Now that’s an interesting one, isn’t it?”

Former President Donald Trump recently joined in for a 20-minute phone interview with NewsMax’s Greg Kelly Thursday night, where he made some unbelievable claims about mugshots, indictments, and his 18-co-defendants via Media Ite.

The interview came shortly after the former president was booked at the Fulton Co, Jail on charges he led an election interference conspiracy in Georgia to subvert the 2020 election.

“So, Mr. President, the fourth time, you were in custody today. It’s totally absurd, in my opinion, but what was it like? How did they treat you, what was the experience like today in jail?” Kelly asked.

“Terrible experience,” Trump answered. “I came in, I was treated very nicely. But, it is what it is; I took a mugshot, which, I’d never heard the words ‘mug shot.’ They didn’t teach me that at the Wharton School of Finance,” Trump said before talking about what he called “election interference” by a “radical-left district attorney.”

Trump later said, “In my whole life, I never knew anything about indictments, now I’ve been indicted, like, four times, and all by the radical-left. And it’s in coordination, absolutely in coordination with the Justice Department.”

“I looked at some of the other mugshots, can you believe it? And Rudy is a tough guy, Rudy can handle it,” Trump said of his former attorney Rudy Giuliani, continuing:

Rudy shouldn’t be going through this, Rudy didn’t do anything…but I look at some of the other people, now, I didn’t know a lot of those people. I don’t know that I even met a lot of those people, but some I do. And their lives are destroyed by these maniacs. These are animals, these are vicious animals that have destroyed the lives of these people….and they don’t have a lot of money. And some of them did almost nothing; they don’t even know what they’re being charged for.

As the interview went on, Kelly talked about Trump’s co-defendants, asking, “Do you view them, are you in this together? They say co-defendants, and, like, how do you view them? Are you one team?”

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