Detailed Fan Notes From Elimination Chamber PPV

Thanks to Brian Berry for the following:



I was at the show in the 105 section, row 1, opposite the entrance.

* Daniel Bryan v. Ted Dibiase…big pops for Bryan in the opener. Quick, standard match. Not much heat for Dibiase.

* Del Rio and Kingston split the audience for pops in the first televised match.

* The first elimination chamber match had the crowd at their loudest. Edge and Rey got a lot of attention throughout. Anti-Rey fans seemed to get behind him afterward for a lot of his spots. Big Show’s entrance was hot but cooled off quickly. McIntyre got nearly no reaction at first but he won over a lot of the crowd throughout the match after throwing Rey and Barrett into the pods.

* Huge pop for Christian attacking Del Rio following the Smackdown chamber match.

* Crowd was mostly dead unless Santino was in the ring for the tag title match. Anticlimactic finish.

* Crowd also dead for most of the WWE championship match. The finish came suddenly.

* “Let’s go Cena”/”Cena sucks” throughout the entire RAW chamber match. Lots of CM Punk marks when he was eliminated at first. Fans seemed to be excited about everyone in this match. R-Truth (expectantly) was eliminated quickly). Lots of pops for Morrison’s spots. Loud pops when Punk was reinstated in the match. Finisher from Cena on Punk came out of nowhere. Everyone seemed confused by the abrupt ending.

* Booker T left the announce table suddenly during the RAW chamber match. Not sure what happened.

Overall, an above average card in one of the few pay-per-views to come to the Bay Area recently.

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