Details on Recent Developments In Martha Hart’s Lawsuit Against WWE

– Earlier this week, WWE and the McMahons each filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit brought against them by Martha Hart and Owen Hart’s estate. There have been attempts at settling the lawsuit but they have been unsuccessful. Martha’s lawsuit has had some of the initial allegations thrown out already and now alleges:



* Owen’s name would have reverted back to his usage and his usage alone in his passing, so WWE doesn’t have the right to use his legal name to use, market and promote that name in their materials and DVD releases.

* That WWE released 8 DVD’s and other items without proper payments to Owen’s estate per his booking contract with Titan Sports, which required royalty payments continue after his death, per the original written contract that Owen signed.

* That WWE used original intellectual property including family photos, without permission from the estate.

* That the Owen Hart Foundation has been hurt through its unwanted association with WWE through their usage of Owen.

Source: PWInsider

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