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Details on AEW’s negotiations with Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and more

The Elite announced All Elite Wrestling recently and it has been the talk of the town in the wrestling world. More details about the company have started to come out.

According to a report from Rajah, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is said to be heavily involved with the promotion. Ross will be a commentator as well as having a major backstage role with the company.  However, Jim Ross is still currently under contract with WWE which will end on March this year.

According to the report, Barry Bloom will be involved in the recruiting process for the promotion. Apparently, AEW is planning to “go hard” in acquiring WWE talents for both in-ring and backstage roles with the promotion once their WWE contracts expire.

It has also been reported that AEW is interested in signing Bill Goldberg as well as other wrestling legends. It is interesting to note that Goldberg is one of Bloom’s clients.

Regarding Chris Jericho’s role in the promotion, the reports stated that he will be involved “in depth” with the promotion. Just like Jim Ross, he had also denied the initial reports of his involvement with the promotion last year.

It was also reported that Cody & Brandi Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Adam “Hangman” Page officially signed their contracts with the company on Tuesday.

  • MT McGee

    I’m not saying they put out bad music, just a lot of bad entrance themes. Ember’s theme is a fine enough song, it just makes for a bad entrance theme. When it starts out, I don’t think “holy crap! Ember is in the match!” A theme should get you excited and a lof of CFO$ stuff does not. Sane’s theme, for example, is a very nice piece of music, but puts me right to sleep. They should have given her the music they used for O’Haire vignettes which was very nautical sounding if that’s what they were going for.

  • CC

    I have never ever cared about Ross as a commentator, even more so when he was teamed with Lawler. His constant “catch phrases” about scalded dogs, bbq sauce and government mules etc were grating as hell.
    Where he did work though was his backstage role, and that is where AEW should keep him if he does indeed sign.

    I also think that commentary has changed over the years, and the old school style of commentary just feels dated. The current WWE style of three people constantly arguing is even worse though.

    They should get a younger guy on play by play and an experienced ex-wrestler to provide colour commentary.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I don’t see this company working out if they bring in all the old guys. This is what kill WCW and TNA. Lot of these guys can hardly do the job anymore. Push the younger talent it and give it time. It why NXT is so good right now and WWE may have a pretty good year coming up. Don’t let WWE fool everybody they been getting ready for a reboot in WWE since HHH took over NXT.

    If AEW build it up slowly it will work but if it brings in old dead weight that can’t hack it anymore it will not last.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I absolutely agree with you about how they should hire Jim.
    the big problem with CFO$ is that they basically come up with a 30-45 second song, and then just loop it 6 times. Maybe add an intro for some of them. It’s very lazy.

    (I will disagree about Ember’s theme though. That time they got Lzzy Hale to do the song was awesome, and they need her to record a proper version of it. It’s a good song, but badly produced and recorded.)

  • Keith Learmonth

    Last time I saw JR on NJPW, it seemed like he could hardly remember anyone’s names.
    Came across like he didn’t even want to be there.

    He’s the voice of two of the biggest eras in WWE, but he’s just not that good. Not good enough to be a major focus, especially for a company that should be trying to distance itself from WWE, rather than trying to be “WWE: 15 years ago.”

  • MT McGee

    Though if AEW was smart, they should consider Jim Johnston to do their music. CFO$ is trash and comes up with things that aren’t even music and don’t pop the crowd, crap like Velveteen Dream’s theme, Ember Moon’s theme, and Kairi Sane’s, Jim did amazing work, without much garbage. But I will say that I don’t know if I can forgive Johnston for the New Day’s theme. What a lazy piece of crap that is.

  • MT McGee

    This will probably be the death of Impact. Impact had to move to a network owned by Anthem. Why would you want to work for a company with no buzz and zero growth potential when you could work for an upstart with a lot of buzz and a group of people that helped turn around New Japan? You’d be an idiot to sign with Impact when AEW will probably be signing guys for more than Impact offers. Word of advice to AEW: Do not hire Don West, Mike Tenay, or Josh Matthews. None of those men have any value with a mic in their hand.

  • MT McGee

    Jim Ross was insufferable in WWE. You could have replaced him with a soundboard. “Oh mah gawd!” “government mule!” “the richest price in our industry!” He has actually done a very good job with New Japan.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I love Jim Ross, but I honestly question the wisdom of spending big money to bring him in.
    Sure, the man was the voice of the attitude era, and the ruthless aggression era, and has a big nostalgia factor for most wrestling fans… but his recent work has been lacking. He’s not the same as he once was. Every show I’ve seen him on lately, he’s mixing up names, forgetting moves, and the like. He’s as bad as Michael Cole with that now.

    The IWC always goes on about how they hate it when WWE drags out nostalgia acts who are a shell of their former selves, and yet, they all seem to want AEW to do that with JR.

  • No, they are being a wrestling promotion. It’s been that way with every single one, even WWE who does it all the time, or you do not remember them bringing in all the NJPW guys?

  • pitfallharry219

    So they’re trying to be TNA.