Details On Awesome Kong Dressing Down Lacey Von Erich Backstage

As we have reported previously, a portion of the Knockouts Elimination Match on iMPACT! two weeks ago had to be edited as Lacey Von Erich fell flat on her face when she ran to the ring to do a run-in.



Earlier that day, the third generation wrestler suffered a minor hamstring injury while training at the Impact! Zone and made it known all night that she was in pain. She reportedly told a male trainer to fetch her an ice pack and he ended up walking in on a half-dressed Awesome Kong, who was none too pleased. Kong then reportedly grabbed Von Erich and took her to the trainer’s room, where she proceeded to cut a promo on her in front of Kurt Angle.

When Von Erich went to management to complain, they ended up siding with Kong.

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