Details On The Current TNA Creative Team, Vince Russo’s Ratings, More

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The creative team currently consists of Vince Russo and Matt Conway. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of input Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo have on the shows, this week and next week’s shows are the last two from the most recent set of tapings which were described as “unfiltered Russo.” Opinions on the shows vary within the company, but either way, it’s now clear what a Vince Russo-booked show without Jarrett is like.

Another twist in the story which people within the company are following, is the fact that the last two weeks of Russo-booked television without Jarrett both drew 1.3 ratings — slightly above the company’s average. The last time the company drew two 1.3 ratings in a row was during the build up to the Lockdown PPV.

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