Details On Hulk Hogan Undergoing Laser Surgery

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The WWE legend made the move after being rushed to hospital due to a sudden collapse. There he admitted to the doctor that previous injuries meant he was living in constant and crushing pain, which he described as “44-7″.

It got so bad that the man famed for matches with Andre The Giant, Ultimate Warrior and The Rock could barely stand up for more than a few minutes.

After a warning that major surgery – with metal rods put in his back – could end his hopes of a grappling comeback, Hulk opted for the lighter laser surgery instead. The whole procedure was filmed and broadcast on his daughters new reality show, Brooke Knows Best.

The former world champion insisted that he felt better almost immediately after the procedure and proved the Hulk of old was back when he told pal and fellow ex-wrestling star Brian Knobs: “What the f*** are you bringing me flowers for? I’m not your damn girlfriend.”

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