More Details on Triple H Being Out Until WrestleMania 29

– We noted before that the new working idea was for Triple H to remain out of action until WrestleMania 29 next year. It wasn’t known if that would be the date for the Brock Lesnar rematch or if WWE had scrapped the rematch altogether. Sources now report that the working plan is indeed for Lesnar-HHH II to take place at WrestleMania.



Obviously this would nix any plans for Lesnar vs. The Undertaker or Lesnar vs. The Rock. It’s important to note that WrestleMania plans are always being worked on but the match they are going with is Lesnar vs. Triple H. While plans do change, it’s said that because of Triple H’s power, this match probably won’t change as many times as the others will.

I reported on Monday that this week’s Triple H retirement speech was not planned at SummerSlam when he loss to Lesnar but WWE wasn’t happy with the original crowd reaction to his apparent retirement. One person in WWE noted that no matter what anyone claims, the entire reason they shot the retirement segment on Monday night was because they needed to get footage of the “right” crowd reaction meaning fans chanting “thank you Hunter” and other things like that.


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