DH Smith’s Mother Rips Michael Cole, Chris Benoit Mentioned On WWE.com

— Diana Hart Smith, mother of recently released WWE Superstar David Hart Smith, took aim at Michael Cole yesterday on Twitter as she called the WWE broadcaster effeminate.



“Michael Cole is such an expose of garbage wrestling–MC is brutally effeminine,” she wrote to a follower. “Oh well. On another level, STRIKEFORCE=HARRY SMITH.”

For what it’s worth, the self-proclaimed “Voice of WWE” did Smith no favors during his lone broadcast booth appearance on an episode of Raw last year as he criticized the third generation wrestler’s verbal ability and lack of charisma.

— Reader SirWombat sent word that WWE.com’s bio on referee Mike Chioda makes mention of deceased wrestler Chris Benoit, who is considered persona non grata within the organization.

It reads: “Chioda also distinctly remembers Nov. 29, 2004, when he and a fellow official declared contrary decisions in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship; Chioda saw Chris Benoit pinned for the three-count while Edge tapped out simultaneously. It’s a moment in his career that’s nearly impossible to replicate.”

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