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Diamond Dallas Page Confirms Rumors of Jake “The Snake” Roberts Drinking Again

– Diamond Dallas Page confirmed that Jake “The Snake” Roberts has indeed fallen off the wagon again. Here is a video along with a statement included with the video:

“The decision to release these videos was made after much consideration. There has been a tremendous flood of positive media coverage surrounding what happens at the Accountability Crib, and while many things that happen may be kept private, we cannot allow a false image to be portrayed.

As much as we hate seeing people fall, we still believe that anyone can make the decision to get back up. We’re not a rehab center and we’re still learning so much about addiction. We only are here to support our friends if they are willing to do the work necessary.

Please be patient as we are trying to condense hours of footage into a shorter format.”

  • D2K

    As someone who has dealt with addiction himself, I can say that it is tougher than anything you can imagine to stay away from that vice. Even when you know the consequences. At least in this case for Jake like others have said, he owned up to it right away. He didn’t tie-one-on and get putrid-blasted. He had a few, shouldn’t have, wants to repent, take his punishment like a man whatever that is, and move forward.

    I wonder if in a round-about way that WWE’s last ditch effort to help Jake is to dangle that carrot of HOF/ RR run-in to give him a goal to stay sober. It’s worked for at least a year and even after falling off Jake has popped right back up rather than throwing in the towel. That to me shows growth, It shows progress. Its shows accountability. All attributes necessary to help beat an addiction.

  • D2K

    Or not drink…

  • frankbooth

    Apparently that rule does not apply to “snakes.”

  • Omar


  • Scooter

    He’s fucked up once in a year. For a recovering alchoholic that is actually pretty good but it is a shame he fell off the wagon although watching the video it seems like he is genuinelly feels bad. I hope this is just a one off.

  • Pewp

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

  • Skip Becker

    I will give him credit for owning up, and admitting he screwed up. He could have just quit.

  • ddfindl

    C’mon Roberts -__-

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Some people you just can’t help.