Diamond Dallas Page on Ronda Rousey receiving a quick title shot

The Master of the Diamond Cutter was recently interviewed by CBS DC, where he spoke about his upcoming book, DDP Yoga, and the news regarding WWE’s new TV deals. Diamond Dallas Page also had a chance to discuss Ronda Rousey’s title shot, a decision that has upset quite a few fans.



DDP wanted to remind the WWE Universe that what’s important here is the money and that Ronda Rousey is a big draw.

I think that would be like asking whether you’re a Republican or Democrat. You’re gonna have people say, ‘She’s who she is and she should get it.’ And other people are gonna go, ‘No, she didn’t earn it, she didn’t deserve it.’ But a lot people don’t understand all the work she put in to get to where she is today. So bottom line is, she’d be one of the highest paid people there. And she’s one of the highest paid people there because she draws and people are tuning in.

My opinion is, I think she’s gonna draw. I haven’t been watching enough to see her work, but I know what she did at WrestleMania and she killed it. So I think the girls are so good today. One of the things when you’re a great worker like a lot of these young ladies today, from Bailey to The Boss Sasha Banks. Charlotte’s one of the best athletes in the company. When they get there and they realize you’re in a feud with Ronda Rousey, guess what, you just got mainstream attention.

That’s gonna hold on for a while. Because I would never even push Ronda out of maybe doing a comeback [in UFC]. And guess what. She’s still a draw. She wouldn’t come back and go right against the champion, but she’d go out there and everybody would want to tune in. So don’t discount that either.

How do you feel about Ronda Rousey’s title shot? Do you think it’s too early? Let us know in the comments below.

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