Diamond Dallas Page Says He’s Talked To Eric Bischoff About Working A Future Angle For TNA

During an interview with SLAM! Wrestling, Diamond Dallas Page said he’s talked to Eric Bischoff about possibly joining TNA down the line for a short-term program and perhaps even wrestling. The former WCW World Heavyweight says he has about ten more matches left in the tank.



“Eventually I am sure at some point in time when they need a guest referee I may consider it. I want to do the Piper thing, he shows up for two months and then is gone for nine. That is the only kind of thing I want to do, and I am in the shape to still do it,” Page said. “I probably have ten really good matches left in me, and I am not gonna throw them away or just put them out there. If they are willing to pay me to come back, and it behooves me, maybe.”

Page briefly worked for the promotion five years ago, highlighted by a main event encounter against Jeff Jarrett at the March 2005 pay-per-view, Destination X. He said he’s in good physical shape and noted that he dropped some weight from his wrestling days thanks to his Yoga For Regular Guys program.

“I am in better shape now than I was when I was in the ring. I am not as big, I have lost about 25 pounds because I don’t need to carry that weight,” Page said. “I am at 230 right now, but I am solid and lean and strong as f***. I can bend over and put my head between my legs, stick my foot over my head and stand one leg. Most guys can’t walk around on two legs!”

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