Diamond Dallas Page Talks About WWE Inducting Warrior, Showing DDP Yoga on WWE TV, More

– Diamond Dallas Page joined Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca on Busted Open. You can hear Busted Open on SiriusXM 92 and on the SiriusXM app. Here are some highlights:



On if The Ultimate Warrior is a Hall of Famer: “Are you kidding me? Abso-f**king-lutely. I mean you have to look at how guys drew. And there are fans that don’t like the Warrior. There are plenty of fans that don’t like Diamond Dallas Page. I get that. And the people who don’t like him, really don’t like him. But the people who love the Warrior; they f**king love the Warrior. And that was really obvious when we did in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia–they can be the most critical fans on the planet. Me and Jake Roberts we smoked through autographs while we were there for those couple of days, but Warrior and Hogan came in and were doing the 100 to 150 dollar autograph thing and that line went out the door all day long. So you say what you want about Warrior, but the cat is true. He brought his energy. He brought a dynamic to wrestling at that time that was original. And I wasn’t a big fan of his interviews but people fricking loved them! People loved that guy. I was a Jake Roberts guy back in the ‘80’s, so I skate more that way.”

His thoughts on Ultimate Warrior going into the HOF before Jake Roberts & Randy Savage: “Well I think in Randy’s case, I think Randy he was pissed. I don’t think he really wanted to go in. That’s just my observation from a far. I never heard that from Randy but I’m sure now that the great Randy Savage has passed on, at some point he will be put in there. But I think there was–you have to accept. You have to go there and show up. And there was some heat there. And I think it was just about to get fixed too, just like the Warrior had a lot of heat there. I think he absolutely would’ve gone in. Maybe this year cause Randy was just coming out–when he died, Randy was just starting to come out. About to do a comic-con and stuff; do some autograph signings and stuff. So I think you would have seen him in there. Right after; not too long after his death, I don’t think it had to happen right away but I would imagine that Randy will be in there. And I believe that Jake Roberts will get in. I think I’ll get in. I think there will be a lot of guys that will get in there from Kevin Nash, Scott Hall. I think a lot of those guys will get in. Sometimes it just takes time and I think that Jake doing his turn around that he’s done over these last 16-17 months–or 16 months I think it is–people are buzzing everywhere about Jake. So I think at some point, it would be awesome if it was this year but who knows? You never know.”

His thoughts on his involvement with helping Jake Roberts change: “Well you know Jake put all the work in. Jake was at my house today cause he doesn’t know if he’s going to get that call for Rumble. But you know what if he gets it; he’s gonna be ready. If he doesn’t get it, he’ll still be ready. And Jake worked his skin off–he had the flu bad too the last four days. And he came to work out today and I’m like Jake you can come tomorrow and he’s like nope, let’s go. We did about an hour; Jake lasted about 46 minutes. I was proud of him that he fought through it and he’s really done an amazing turn around. And he’s had some serious adversities. When people get a chance to see what we have; the footage that we have for The Resurrection of Jake The Snake. I’ve been doing this documentary for close to 15 or 16 months now. You know that right? We’ve been documenting everything. We put pieces up on DDP TV, if anybody wants to see the trailer that we have for The Resurrection of Jake The Snake. We did that the first three months. We’re about to open up with another one of Jake’s that is coming up right around in the next couple of weeks. And it will really–it’ll give you goosebumps. And there is so much–my guys; I got five guys working. I’m a production company more than anything now. DDP yoga is the center piece but everything is happening around from Scott Hall to Cody Hall, who was rookie of the year according to (Dave) Meltzer’s sheet. I didn’t see that but that’s legitimate as it gets. But Cody got out there because of DDP TV and what we put out there with him and Scott and everything. It’s just been awesome. I got my editors; I’ve got five of them. And there’s two guys that are new and they’re going through our footage like oh my god I can’t believe you have this. This is going to be a completely different movie than Beyond The Mat. This is about the resurrection of a legend.”

On being able to show his product, DDP Yoga on WWE TV: “Well I got to say first of all; no one and I repeat no one puts anything on Vince McMahon’s TV without his okay. And I’ve had people say to me so what do you think about Vince McMahon trying to ruin your career with the whole stalker thing, blah, blah, blah. Over the years, right? Anything that anyone thought cause I made a lot of those decisions myself and they were stupid decisions by me. Anyone who ever thinks that there has ever been anything between Vince and me or whatever and I’ve always told everyone; no, there’s not. What Vince did for me two Monday’s ago with DDP Yoga was–he couldn’t have given me a better angle. He couldn’t have given me a better spot. He let me go on there for a minute and a half. It was written into the copy! They gave it to me. I didn’t pick up the DVD’s and do that. That was written for me. “Wear your shirt.” Hunter told me do the foot over the head, that always blows people away. You know I was like okay! I expected to be in something but I didn’t expect it to be what it was. And to have Booker T involved too, who is one of my good buddies. Cause he’s the one guy from WCW who really got over. He’s a five time World Champion and he got the strap there. So bottom line is to be able to do it with him and then have Ron (Simmons) come out; it was just–we did so many takes of it, every one was funnier than the next. I had liked the last one the best but there were other ones that were laugh your ass off funny. And we just had a blast. And Ron said (DDP imitating his voice), “Man, Diamond they’re really working you today. This one’s gonna be a shameless plug but you working for that s**t today…DAMN.”

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