One of the DiBiase Brothers Works Last Night’s WWE Live Event, Gets Involved with AW

– A fan in attendance at last night’s WWE live event in Jackson, Mississippi reports that either Mike DiBiase or Brett DiBiase worked the show as a referee. It’s likely Brett as he has worked for WWE developmental as a referee in the past. Brett and Mike are the brothers to injured WWE star Ted DiBiase.



DiBiase’s appearance came during the WWE Tag Team Title match with Darren Young and Titus O’Neil vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Young and O’Neil hit their finishers to win the tag titles until DiBise came down in jean shorts and a referee shirt. He informed the original referees that Kofi kicked out of the pin so the win was not valid.

AW tried to attack DiBiase but he blocked it and laid AW out with a punch. This led to Kofi and Truth retaining their titles.

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