Did Austin Aries shoot at Bound For Glory?

We noted before how Johnny Impact defeated Austin Aries to win the Impact World Championship at the Bound For Glory PPV event yesterday night.



However, it was the now former Champion Aries’ actions after the bout which are making more headlines and has people talking than the bout or the championship change.

Johnny hit his Starship Pain finishing maneuver to end their bout and while Aries got pinned cleaned after this, the former 205 Live Star didn’t stay on the ground for long.

He got up mere seconds after the match ended and then left while trash talking the Impact Vince President Don Callis and flipping fingers towards the crowd:



This behavior and the fact that the feud between Johnny and him has played out in a work/shoot environment has made many wonder if this was a shoot incident and if Aries was really unhappy with the finish of the bout.

So far there is no news on if this is really the case or if Impact Officials are masterfully playing the public image of Austin who is considered hard to work with, but we’ll keep you posted.

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