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Did Becky Lynch actually suffer a knee injury?

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch limped out of the Royal Rumble event, after winning the Women’s Royal Rumble. She was unable to win the Smackdown Women’s Title earlier in the night.

Becky appeared on SmackDown LIVE last week wearing a knee brace and was heavily limping and favoring her left knee. Charlotte Flair then attacked Becky from behind and focused on her left leg, after their segment ended. Many fans were worried that Lynch had actually suffered an injury. However, that is not the case as the injury is simply part of the storyline.

According to a report from Post Wrestling‘s John Pollock, Becky Lynch’s injury is only a work and she is completely fine and is wearing the brace to sell the storyline. Here is what he said:

“Becky Lynch was not at the SmackDown live event on Saturday in order to sell the knee injury. The injury is all storyline even though she is selling it by wearing a knee brace in public.”

Lynch was also excluded from WWE’s weekend tour of Canada to help sell the storyline further.

  • jedi

    Did you not watch the rumble she cried and nursed that knee injury for almost 5 min before she got back in the ring. We were not talking about the entire roster and yes she is the focal point to the entire show for almost 3 months sadly not Aj or DB. The title that Rusev had was trashed by putting on Truth a week ago. They have tries to build the show around her and ratings show. You are a delusional fam boy!

  • CC

    You are deluded. Not seen Becky “cry” once.
    And you are putting the ratings on Lynch totally ignoring there is a whole roster, which includes a certain Daniel Bryan as WWE champ and AJ Styles etc.

    And you totally ignore the fact that the US title is being trashed for instance.
    Yes, you are a troll.

  • jedi

    Because I think The Man who tapped out clean then walks around crying & horribly selling her knee injury who is more the focal point of the show then anyone else is responsible for low ratings I’m a troll? No more like a logical thinker!

  • CC

    Yeah because one redeeming thing on the show is responsible for all the other trash on the show. Have you considered that without her the ratings would be even lower?
    Of course your haven’t because you are a troll with no idea.

  • jedi

    Yes she is universally loved with the lowest rating hmmmmmmm shes doing a great job putting butts in the seats I see….

  • Darrin Tyler

    I already knew it was a work. It was obvious to me.

  • Brandon Roberts

    nope, it’s just a storyline, most likely she’ll return at wrestlemania or ronda will attack her injured knee turning heel.

  • CC

    Oh do crawl back under your rock. You hate a storyline and character that is universally loved by fans, and you think your opinion actually matters. Do one mate.

  • jedi

    Yes I hate the storyline & her “the man” fake stone cold character. Its plan pathetic, she cant sell the injury well enough as per raw last night.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    That guy is and idiot block him you can’t fix stupid.

  • oppa

    Watch the latest Botchamania. It shows she sold the right leg being hurt, then sold the left leg being hurt at the Royal Rumble. I think she supposedly got “hurt” by Nia in the match, but I could be wrong.

  • CC

    Obvious it was not real as the fall she took and the outcome was obviously planned in the rumble

  • CC

    She has not got an injury. Did you even read the article.

  • jedi

    Neither her nor Rollins should have won. both winners dealing with injurys….hmmmm