Did his All In appearance help Chris Jericho’s cruise?

Chris Jericho made a surprise appearance at the All In event where he attacked Kenny Omega and set up the Alpha vs. Omega II for his upcoming cruise.



Considering the fact that the event was a huge success, one would think that Jericho’s appearance at the show would have also helped the sales of the cruise but it’s not the case.

During the Talk Is Jericho episode recorded 2 days after the event, Chris revealed that the cruise sales didn’t benefit from his appearance the way people would expect:

“I found out today that I sold zero cabins yesterday, Everyone’s watching the pay-per-view [on demand] so hopefully it goes that way.”

Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea will set sail on Oct. 27 so there is still time for fans to buy their tickets but the fact that his All In appearance didn’t help is still surprising.

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