Did Roman Reigns’ leukemia cause his NFL dream to end?

Roman Reigns relinquished the Universal Championship on this week’s episode of Raw due to his leukemia though it appears that this is not the only time the disease has resulted in a career setback for the Big Dog.



 As Roman mentioned in his promo on Raw he was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 22 years old and since then an article from 2015 has been making rounds around the internet.

 The article takes a look at Roman’s NFL career and references a ‘serious illness’ as the reason why he was forced to take some time off and it ultimately resulted in his NFL dream coming to an end:

 “As a free agent, Anoa’i got a shot with the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars, but a serious illness forced him to take some time off, After spending a season in the CFL, it was clear the NFL dream wasn’t going to happen.”

With the timetable for these events matching the one Roman mentioned on Raw, it wouldn’t be a surprise if his first battle with the disease was the health issue that caused his football dream to end.

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