Diddy Allegedly Hired Surgeon To Fix Girlfriend’s…

In a revealing interview with DJ Vlad, Diddy’s former bodyguard Roger Bonds made startling allegations about the hip-hop mogul’s past behavior, including an incident involving the late Kim Porter. Bonds claimed that Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, once flew in a surgeon to repair Porter’s broken nose after an altercation during a yacht vacation in 2005.



Bonds recounted that he had escorted Diddy and Porter to their yacht but was not allowed to join them on the trip. When the couple returned, Bonds noticed that Porter’s nose was taped up. He described seeing Porter with a bandage on her nose for several weeks afterward, appearing “quiet” and “sad.”

“I can’t tell you what this situation was over. I took them to where the yacht came and picked them up,” Bonds told DJ Vlad. “Puff said, ‘I don’t need no security as it was just personal friends getting on the yacht.’ And then I picked them up when the yacht came back, and I saw Kim’s nose taped up.”

DJ Vlad added context from reports that Diddy and Porter had gotten into an argument during the trip, which allegedly resulted in Diddy punching Porter in the nose. Diddy reportedly claimed that Porter had “hit a table” during their vacation. Bonds confirmed seeing a photo of Porter with a band-aid on her nose, stating that it matched how she looked at the time.

Bonds further alleged that Diddy took steps to manage the situation by flying in a plastic surgeon to repair Porter’s nose. “Yeah, he definitely did. He flew in a plastic surgeon,” Bonds confirmed. “Puff will fly in whatever you need to cover himself up, you know what I’m saying? He’s going to fly in your doctors so that he can know—he was controlling when it came to Kim.”

Bonds suggested that Diddy’s actions were part of a broader pattern of control, ensuring that any issues were handled discreetly to prevent leaks.


Harrison Carter
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