Dixie Carter Talks About Possible Pay-Per-View Format Changes in TNA & More

– TNA President Dixie Carter was a guest on the Live Audio Wrestling Internet radio show on Sunday night. Host John Pollock discussed TNA’s current pay-per-view formula of one event per month, Carter says she is not a fan of the monthly pay-per-view format and she would like to see the formula shaken up.



“I’m not a big fan of monthly PPVs, quite honestly, but you have contracts that keep you held in and bound at times,” Carter said. “We’re definitely talking about trying to shake things up and do things differently in the future.”

Despite the fact that TNA is a privately held company and their actual pay-per-view buyrate figures are never officially released, the data that does get out indicates that TNA has never come close to breaking 100,000 buys for an event and change is needed.

Carter repeated her recent claims that changes are coming to TNA and that she would be addressing many of the elements of the product that have become stagnant or too formula.

“I work very, very closely [with the creative team]. I’m not going to profess to be a wrestling writer. I am good at challenging people. It’s not just ratings, but other things as well,” Carter said. “We’ve made a lot of changes internally to present the product more real and focusing on these young guys.”

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