Dixie Tweets on Brooke Hogan, TNA Edits iMPACT Replay and More

– Daniels, who was best man at Traci Brooks and Kaz’s wedding on Thursday, wrote the following on his Twitter regarding the two: “Frankie and Traci’s wedding was a beautiful affair. Some tears were shed, but the joy overflowed!! Absolutely fabulous!!”



– Dixie Carter wrote the following on her Twitter about Brooke Hogan: “LOVED hangin w/Brooke Hogan. She’s fun, real & just a great person. Awesome seeing her cheer for her dad like his biggest fan, which she is!”

– Ben sent the following: Thought you might want to know that on the TNA replay on Spike last night, they edited out a lot of the opening steel cage match with Homicide and the “bullshit” chant from the crowd. They also edited out Hogan saying he had been in the back all day after being shown arriving in a limo and they edited out Hogan being boo’d in the segment with Jeff Jarrett.

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