Doctor Helps Joe Biden After ‘Senior Moment’

The White House transcript correction task seems like a daunting chore, reserved for those who have committed egregious transgressions against the administration. But what exactly constitutes such an offense? Mocking Kamala Harris’s laughter? Engaging in a tussle with Joe Biden’s German shepherd? Or perhaps even something more scandalous, like possessing illicit substances discovered by the Secret Service in the White House’s restricted zones?



The challenges of this role become evident when faced with the need to correct President Joe Biden’s speech transcripts. This task cannot simply be delegated to AI transcription software due to Biden’s tendency for incoherence and moments of forgetfulness.

During a recent speech before the Detroit branch of the NAACP, Biden’s remarks were riddled with errors, prompting the correction of eight points in the official transcript. From misstating his tenure as vice president during the pandemic to garbled sentences and grammatical errors, Biden’s speech was a catalogue of gaffes.

For instance, he claimed to have been vice president during the pandemic, although he served from 2009 to 2017, while the pandemic hit in 2020. Additionally, he stumbled over words and phrases, resulting in awkward and incorrect statements that required correction.

These slip-ups ranged from mistakenly implying his administration targeted landlords to grammatical errors like “inspiresing” instead of “inspiring.” Biden’s speech also included ungrammatical phrases and mispronunciations, such as “irrectionists” instead of “insurrectionists.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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