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Dolph Ziggler on His Feud with The Miz, Him Being His Annoying Little Brother Backstage, Restoring the Intercontinental Title

Dolph Ziggler

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated. You can check out some highlights from the interview here:

On his feud with The Miz:

“I am very proud of it, purely based on having some freedom in the ring and on the microphone. We need to keep adding these pieces of real life into our characters. The world has seen Miz and myself sixteen different times over a period of time. He’s always very solid and puts the time in to work, which allowed him to revolutionize his career with his wife, Maryse, coming back. We had that freedom on the mic to mix our real life selves in with the television show and make it as real as possible. It’s great to feed off someone you’ve known for years, and just kind of play back-and-forth and just feel it, and that’s something I really haven’t been able to do in about ten years.”

On The Miz being his annoying little brother backstage:

“The Miz is our annoying little brother, but he’s also the one who also got all the money in the will. He’s the annoying little brother who has his sunglasses on with his $10,000 suit backstage just waiting to get a touch-up done so he can go eat in catering. At the end of the day, the core is I appreciate the part where he works as hard as anyone else, or harder, at being that douche.”

On wanting to restore the meaning of the Intercontinental Title:

“That’s always the goal. If you don’t want to be the best or have the company on your back with everyone relying on you, then you shouldn’t be here. But this is my chance along the way to make that IC title mean that much more. This is the chance to make people about more than just the title scenario on a show, which I think is already a great show. It helps the business; it helps the superstars who can’t wait to get in that IC title picture. It’s a circle of life where you make it that much bigger, then when you go on to the top, it’s that much more important.”