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Dolph Ziggler possibly at breaking point with WWE

Dolph Ziggler ss

Rumors of Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE have started floating around once again. However, they seem more serious this time around. He has a stand-up career which is emerging and he has worked on his craft for years. He is busy headlining shows and has not been seen in WWE ever since he got squashed by Drew McIntyre in a steel cage match on RAW.

On Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray discussed Ziggler’s contract status. He said Ziggler’s leaving WWE will be a big blow to the company, so they should try their best to keep him. There is also the chance of Dolph hitting a ”breaking point” and is ready to focus on other things now.

“I don’t think they want a guy like Dolph Ziggler leaving, that’s another crack in the wall.”

So they’re gonna have to do what they’ve done with him before which is throw a lot of money at him so he just doesn’t leave. He could be at his breaking point now.”

“Dolph is into politics, Dolph is into his comedy stuff. He might just want to do other things. It might be time to move on. I mean what else are they gonna do with him? The storyline with Drew and everything he did was good, but where does Dolph fit into the landscape of the WWE today?”

Ziggler has worked in WWE for 15 years now, and perhaps he is thinking of finally leaving the company. While he is still working house shows, he has not appeared on television. He could also make an appearance at the Royal Rumble, but it is unclear if he will stick with the company after that. We will have to wait and see what happens.

  • rob

    This is the only time of the year when this guy is relevant, It’s like a tradition every year.
    He still is just a ripoff of better characters from the past, HBK+Billy Gunn

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I though Dolph actually had a good finish with the WWE. The whole point with putting Ziggler and Drew McIntyre was to get McIntyre over in the WWE as a major player. He also had a very good feud with Seth Rollins last summer with the IC title. But it is over for him and the WWE time to move on.

  • BiggEZ

    I say move him over to Smackdown and put him in the WWE Title mix with Bryan, AJ, Joe and Miz.

  • BB

    I like Dolph but I agree with Bubba’s comment here. What are they gonna do with him? They’re not gonna give him a world title reign. I think a few years ago I would have been down for that but not anymore. So if he’s not going for the world title then what else is he gonna do? Go for the IC title for the 20th time? Nah. He’s been there and done that a dozen times over. His latest run in 2018 was good but I feel like his time is coming to an end.

    I disagree with Bubba in the sense that WWE can afford to lose him. With all these NXT guys coming in and their already oversaturated roster, Dolph is better off doing his own thing, or going to AEW, etc. Let him go. Let him be free for once. Or else we’re gonna get the same 3 or 4 articles that we get every year with the same headline “Dolph Ziggler unhappy with current position. Will he finally leave the WWE?”, haha.