Dolph Ziggler Posts Surprising AJ Lee Photo

Dolph Ziggler took to Twitter recently to praise his time with AJ Lee. Ziggler couldn’t just stop at a few compliments, no, he really went all out to show his appreciation…Dominik Mysterio ‘Can’t Wrestle’ WWE Match.



Dolph Ziggler stated the following on Twitter about the photo: “This pic rocks for a few reasons 1. We were a hell of a team 2. I was pulling double duty, the entire overseas tour. last match before intermission & the main event 3. Was told to my face; this shirt would never be made & I would never be world champion.”

Dolph then continued: “Oh and 4. This was before our little miracle @WWEBigE blessed us with his being brought from heaven, via stork. Now that you’re all grown up, E, the divorce WAS your fault.”

The photo is really powerful with what Dolph had to say as well because it shows off his true personality and how he always felt sidelined by WWE and creative. Dolph ended up coming out on top in the end as his career since then has been nothing short of great.

Since teaming with AJ and after AJ had left, Dolph has continued to be a mainstay for WWE and his trajectory just keeps going above and beyond.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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