Dolph Ziggler Talks Match with Cesaro, Nikki Bella Stops Brie’s Interview, Goldust and Stardust

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler spoke to Tom Phillips after his win over Cesaro at WWE Hell In a Cell. Ziggler said he’s never met an opponent like Cesaro and called him a genius in the ring. Ziggler said he somehow found a way to get the win tonight and he’s Intercontinental Champion because he earned it.



– Tom Phillips also spoke with WWE Tag Team Champions Stardust and Goldust after their win over The Usos. Followed by a wacky Stardust promo, Goldust said once again, Gemini fell and they retained their titles. Stardust said it’s time they go back to the “blackboard” and that was it.

– There was also a segment with Brie Bella being interviewed by Phillips until Nikki Bella interrupted. Nikki didn’t want Brie doing interviews and needed a dinner reservation made. Nikki made Brie look into the camera and say, “The Nikki Bella is the better Bella and I finally saw that after tonight, how amazing she is. She’s such a winner in my heart.”

Nikki told Tom to never interview Brie again unless Nikki gives them permission.

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