Dolph Ziggler’s Ex-Girlfriend Talks About Their Relationship

Amy Schumer, who dated Dolph Ziggler in the past, appeared on the Howard Stern show on Sirius XM today and revealed details of her relationship with Ziggler.



Schumer had several positive things to say about him, but also said she broke up with him because their sex was “too athletic” and that he was tossing her around like they were wrestling.

Howard asked where Schumer had met Ziggler. Amy said she had to cancel a show in Phoenix after getting food poisoning. She said that she was in the hospital and he was going to come to the show. She said she didn’t really write back to him because she didn’t know wrestling. She said that he got all of his followers to get her to follow him and they connected that way. She said they were in constant contact and they talked all the time. She said it was really fun and exciting.

Howard asked Amy where they went on their first date. Amy said they hung out in Denver. She said she performed stand-up that night and then they went out to dinner. She said that she doesn’t do that a lot so it was kind of uncomfortable. Amy said that she felt that sexual thing with him and he was so flawless physically. She said that all of his other girlfriends were Playboy models.

Howard asked if Amy started making out at dinner. Amy said she didn’t do that until they got back to the hotel. Amy said he laid low and they agreed they weren’t going to hook up. She said they went back to the hotel to just watch TV. She said the TV was on but she has no idea what was on. She said they were going to just go to sleep. She said they had been talking for months so she wanted to have sex with him.

Schumer said that she broke up with Ziggler over Skype and that he was “a real sweetheart”. Schumer also noted that she still likes Dolph a lot but that it wasn’t meant to be.

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