Dominik Mysterio Breaks Character With Rey In Photo

Dominik Mysterio broke character in a photo with his father Rey Mysterio and DDP in a new photo, as seen below.

Professional wrestling has undergone significant changes over the years, and the culture within the locker room has evolved as well. As a result, certain behaviors that were once deemed acceptable may no longer be viewed favorably by today’s standards.

One iconic wrestler who left an indelible mark on the sport was the British Bulldog, who was known not only for his legendary in-ring performances but also for his love of pranks. However, his sense of humor occasionally went too far, as was the case with many wrestlers of his generation, who commonly indulged in drug use.

According to Konnan, a fellow wrestler, the British Bulldog was one of the greatest practical jokers he had ever met. Konnan recounted several stories about the Bulldog’s pranks, some of which were questionable at best. One example involved the Bulldog allegedly spiking a promoter’s soup with somas while they were working in Kuwait.

Despite these questionable acts, Konnan’s own experiences with the British Bulldog’s practical jokes were relatively harmless. For instance, the Bulldog once changed the status of Konnan’s hotel bathroom from “occupied” to “unoccupied,” resulting in a strange encounter with other hotel guests. Additionally, the Bulldog would frequently order excessive amounts of room service to Konnan’s room, among other harmless pranks.

Although the British Bulldog’s sense of humor may have been unconventional by today’s standards, his talent and legacy as a wrestler remain undisputed. The evolution of professional wrestling culture has changed many aspects of the sport, including the types of behaviors that are acceptable both in and out of the ring.

“Everybody was on pills back then. Everybody was f*cked up, especially from their generation. But Bulldog was always great. I first met him in Canada while I was in Stampede, and he was the world’s greatest practical joker.

remember, I got into the bathroom, and this motherf*cker had taken a pen … and he put it from ‘occupied’ to ‘unoccupied’ with me knowing it,” Konnan said. “And people were opening the door and I was like, ‘What the f*ck is going on here?’ Finally, somebody smartened me up, they go ‘Bulldog.’ He would order massive amounts, and I do mean for five people, massive amounts of room service to my room and sh*t like that. He was a great practical joker, great guy.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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