Dominik Mysterio Humiliated At Airport In Australia

Dominik Mysterio recently had a playful incident at an Australian airport while promoting the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event in Perth. During an appearance on Hit WA’s Allan & Carly radio show, host Allan Aldworth jokingly expressed surprise that Mysterio made it to Australia given his ‘criminal’ past. Mysterio shared that he was singled out by airport security in Sydney.



Rhea Ripley, who was also present, mentioned the incident:

Rhea Ripley: “We got singled out, well Dom did.”

Dominik Mysterio: “The mullet and the tattoos, they looked at me like ‘uhh we’re gonna search your bags’.”

Allan Aldworth: “And then they ask you what you do for a living and you tell them and they don’t believe you I assume?”

Dominik Mysterio: “100%.”

Carly: “Until you slam a chair on their head?”

Dominik Mysterio: “No, until they see her (Rhea Ripley).”

The exchange adds a humorous touch to the duo’s promotional activities in Australia and showcases their playful relationship, which has been a point of fan interest. The banter reflects the camaraderie between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio as they continue to engage with fans during media appearances.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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