Dominik Mysterio In Massive Trouble With Triple H?

Dominik Mysterio, the son of WWE legend Rey Mysterio recently revealed that he got in trouble with WWE due to missing flights.



Dominik Mysterio opens up on the matter

While speaking with Keepin’ It 100, Dominik Mysterio talked about his time in WWE so far. Mysterio revealed that while he never got scolded in WWE, he did land in trouble with Triple H for missing a few flights.

[Have you been scolded yet at a show?] Umm, I don’t think so but they have gotten on me because I’ve gotten a reputation of missing some flights.”

Dominik recently got engaged to his long term girlfriend. He announced his engagement on his Instagram page on January 2. Mysterio posted a picture of himself and his significant other, Marie Juliette, holding hands and a ring on her finger at the beach. Another picture has surfaced the social media in which her girlfriend was seen kissing him. Dominik has been with his girlfriend for years and announced his engagement with her. The two could make it official and marry each other.

Dominik is involved in a romantic angle with The Judgement Day stablemate, Rhea Ripley. The former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently blasted him for breaking kayfabe on social media.

The 25-year-old recently betrayed his father, Rey Mysterio, to join hands with The Judgment Day. Rhea Ripley played a huge role in the youngster turning to the dark side. The Eradicator continues to be a constant voice in his ear, bringing out the nefarious side of Dominik.

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