Dominik Mysterio Reacts To WWE Burying Aleister Black

On the latest episode of Konnan’s podcast ‘Keepin’ It 100′, Dominik Mysterio discussed who he would like to step in the ring with in the future. He gave a surprising answer –
Aleister Black, who the younger Mysterio revealed how in his opinion, WWE is currently not doing much with.



Black requested to be sent to NXT earlier this year, but he was denied, and he has been off TV since being depushed. Black’s wife Zelina Vega was released from WWE in 2020. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the comments below.

Konnan: So, Dom, you’ve been on Smackdown for a while now. How long have you been on the show?

Dominik: Since October 9th.

Konnan: That’s it? Two months? No…

Dominik: Yeah, that’s when the draft was.

Konnan: When you were doing all of that stuff with Brock [Lesnar], were you on Smackdown or not yet?

Dominik: I guess I was, my dad was on RAW.

Konnan: But you’ve been in the system doing angles for how long?

Dominik: I would say roughly about a year.

Konnan: So when you are sitting back there and watching the guys work, give me two to three names that you want to work with? Someone who you wanna get in the ring with and that you know you could have a good match with and learn from?

Dominik: Andrade. I worked with him and [Angel] Garza for a very little amount of time, but it is something that I would like to get a whole match out of because I think we can get a lot of good stuff in.

Konnan: Who else?

Domink: Garza, Randy [Orton] is on another level right now. Who else? Aleister [Black]. They haven’t done anything with [him], and I would love to work with Aleister.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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