Dominik Mysterio Shoved By Fan With Girlfriend In Video

The Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio is certainly one of the heels of the company. He is always showered with boos due to his heel antics. He has formed a on-screen romantic relationship with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. While fans love Ripley despite she is heel, Dom Dom is hated by the fans.



Recently, a young fan was seemingly determined to take a photo with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley without her on-screen boyfriend, Dominik Mysterio.

Ripley and Dominik have made several media appearances and fan signings. As The Eradicator and Dirty Dom took photos with fans, a young boy wearing a “She’s My Mami!” t-shirt surprisingly pushed the NXT North American Champion away in an attempt to take a photo with Ripley alone. While Dominik seemed surprised, his on-screen girlfriend laughed.

“He only wants Mami,” she said.

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio seem very close on TV. They also continue to get their on-screen romance over on social media. During a recent interview, The Eradicator seemingly took things to another level when she was asked about her favorite thing to do with Dirty Dom. She said, “f**k.”

The Women’s World Champion’s NSFW answer recently received praise from ECW legend & former WWE Superstar Francine.

“Oh, that’s, okay, obviously in character. Obviously. Come on, she’s in character. That was probably, not probably, that was a WWE interview. Had to be okayed by the office. You’re in character a 100%, right? Great answer. Great answer. You want us to believe there’s something going on? Well, there you go. And I’m sure that Buddy saw that and he laughed his a** off,” she said on Eyes Up Here.

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