Donald Trump Acts Like Fool In Golf Cart Video

Former President Donald Trump was recently spotted playing music in his golf cart Wednesday, which is not all that unusual. However, the song choice had much of the internet singing along.



It has been noted that the video posted to X Wednesday night showed Trump in the cart and talking briefly with a man standing next to him and taking the video on his smartphone.

He described a scene from a concert between Luciano Pavoratti and James Brown, who performed together in 2002 in one of a series of concerts Pavoratti hosted called “Pavoratti & Friends.”

“You ever hear this one?” he then asked, just before James Brown’s voice came on over the instruments.

“This is a man’s world,” Brown sang.

Many X users loved the video, which quickly racked up more than 1,000 likes and 300 re-posts.

Some perhaps liked the song choice, thinking of Trump as “the man” himself, but in the version he performed with Pavoratti, Brown changed some of the lyrics “to turn those lines into a manifesto of love, rather than dominance,” according to UK music website The Music Man.

“[T]he two musical geniuses gave a bone-chilling performance,” the site said. “Twenty years after the even, people are constantly coming back to the clip of this epic collaboration. In fact, the video has approximately 65 million views on YouTube.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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