Donald Trump Admits To Crime In Florida?

Donald J. Trump is not one to shirk from responsibility. If he did or said something offensive or wrong he’ll admit it. These are but a few of the traits of a good leader. After all, if you were to employ a general to lead an army would you employ the guy who shirks and runs away. Today, Trump has admitted that he committed a crime. That rhymes.

As per Big Red’s Truth Social, Many of the so-called “documents” that the “Gestapo” took in the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, unlike the”No Raids of Biden,” were merely inexpensive and very common folders with words such as “Presidential Reading,” “Confidential,” “Classified,” or other words stamped on the front cover. There was nothing inside of the folders because, during meetings where information was passed out, say at the Oval Office, when finished the papers inside were taken back, but the empty folders were left behind…..



Here is the link to the official post:

Page Two from Truth Social: I would put them in a pile and keep them as momentous. Nothing wrong with that, but sounds to me that the Injustice Department views these as DOCUMENTS – They are not! These people are just out looking for trouble! Should be checking Biden’s unsecured classified docs instead. How about the 1,850 Boxes sent to Delaware. That’s the mother load! Or separately, how about revealing who spied on my campaign, stuffed the ballot boxes, or paid off the FBI? That’s what people want to hear!

Here is the link to the official post:

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